Maadi Community Foundation aims at reviving and modernizing the concept of endowment as a means for encouraging sustainable non-governmental financing and development in Egypt. Civil society's heritage in Egypt is deep rooted and in order to begin and support development efforts that befit our time and are models for today's civil foundations we must utilize an old concept, the waqf endowment, so it is a channel to mobilize direct domestic resources towards sustainable development. Maadi Community Foundation plays a leading role among civil society organizations by adopting a permanent (firm) financial system and contribution paradigm.
Realizing and enhancing the developmental forms of endowment.
Furnishing Maadi area and its suburbs as a granting foundation.
Coordinating and facilitating and building the capacities of civil society organizations and socially-responsible businessmen.
Preparing for awareness campaigns for the endowment concept and its modern applications
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About Us
Maadi Community Foundation was founded under No. 6940, dated May 13, 2007, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, as a lead social Foundation in Egypt. The objectives of the Foundation are to lessen the gap between rich and poor people in the Al-Maadi area and its suburbs, improve the standard of living of the residents of the area by reactivating the idea of the social endowment and update the concept of endowment for the service of the society. The Board of Trustees of Maadi Community Foundation consists of seven socially active experts, businessmen and women, and academic personnel, specializing in development, who live in the Maadi area. The services provided by the Foundation cover seven areas Maadi: Old Maadi, New Maadi, Zahra' Al-Maadi, Thakanat Al-Maadi, Arab Al-Maadi, Hada'k Al-Maadi. Al-Maadi The Endowment Foundation also covers Al-Basatin area and the areas adjacent to Maadi like Helwan (Turah). According to the reports of The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics the population of the said area is 200,000 persons living in 14 square k.m. Additionally, other surrounding areas like Al-Basatin, Helwan have 1.5 million people living in 30.5 square k.m. and 1.2 million people in 69.4 square k.m., respectively.
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